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"This is the bible on vaccine info. Ignore at your own risk."
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My name is Paul Adams.Not in a million years did I expect to be immersed this deep into a cause. I am a one man team, just a regular guy doing my part to shed light on the facts (just the facts, ma'am) with God's help, and I want to emphasize "with God's help".He has guided my research, often waking me up early in the morning with ideas, and has had a role in the design of the websites.I have authored books, but I am not here to sell you my books or impress you with my travels, accomplishments, career path or my erudition, other than to acknowledge that I first learned English at age 11.My maternal languages are Greek and French.Truth stands independent of the qualifications of its purveyors.I'm not here to monetize the plandemic with merchandise, books, paid subscriptions, health products or lotteries. Any donations on your part are strictly voluntary with no strings attached. I won't stop you. But, I will never beg, solicit or implore you with email campaigns or on camera.My drive to expose the truth started on April 22/20, when I uploaded: The Who and Why of the Covid-19 Doctored Stats.Then, The Wonderful World of Vaccine Side Effects was uploaded following an October APIC meeting in which the CDC-FDA-APIC unholy triumvirate listed over 25 adverse events to be expected from the C19 jabs, which were then kept under a was launched in March of 2021 with 125 links.
As of Dec. 17/22, it contains 784 links, providing a preponderance of evidence to help any Grand Jury arrive at the only logical conclusion, beyond any reasonable doubt, that crimes against humanity have been committed.
My thanks to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny for considering this website as the "bible of vaccine info". She is a resplendent beacon of truth and integrity.I also created, a gallery of 67 short videos, and that was eventually taken down due to its controversial content.After YouTube denied me services, I uploaded 115 videos of updates and other related topics on Rumble (my channel is 444age). As of Nov. 20/22, these videos have accumulated 6,607,505 views, thanks to people like you reading this.I have been living in a vehicle for the past eight years as a retired 69 year old nomad, the perfect situation to stay focused, but I still workout at the gym to look good for my funeral. Fauci hasn't destroyed my sense of humor. Doctors can't explain why I'm still alive after 4 heart attacks. God can.The real heroes are the doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers and judges, anyone who has put it all on the line by speaking truth to power.The site was also denied services by PayPal, Google Drive, pCloud, Patreon and MailChimp. Twitter issues warnings. Facebook, given it was commissioned to police the plandemic narrative, will remove any references to the website. It's the globalists' Social Credit Score debut. Speak the Truth and they'll demonize you.Statements in this site are substantiated with facts that will stand in a court of law. Free Informed Consent is the hallmark of modern medical ethics. The Nuremberg Trials following WW2 were meant to ensure that never again would people be subjected to cruel medical experiments without their free informed consent.Patients always sign consent forms when admitted to hospitals. Informed Consent requires a flow of accurate, unfiltered information. Now, hospitals have disguised vaccines as biogenics without disclosing this fact to patients. Some hospitals also jab patients undergoing surgery without their consent.Failure to provide Informed Consent to anyone obtaining a medical intervention, especially an experimental technology that is proving to be the most lethal in the history of vaccines, constitutes a Grand Crime Against Humanity.Any kind of obfuscation of the facts to pressure someone to be experimented on with an untested medical injection or the imposition of penalties on people for refusing to be guinea pigs contravenes the Nuremberg Code and 21 U.S. Code § 360bbb–3.Mary Holland, President and General Counsel of Children's Defense Fund, in this gathering reiterated the need to prosecute those who have been contravening the Nuremberg Code with impunity.Understandably, a class action lawsuit would include a contingency fee for the lawyers, something which an international military tribunal would not. But it is the latter that is urgently needed, and what I am pushing for.Anyone trying to take down this site either by disabling links or posting warnings that this site is dangerous, will be named as co defendant in the equivalent of another Nuremberg trial for Crimes Against Humanity. That includes social media. Lawyers are standing by.This 97sec video I posted on April 22/21 has over 2.1 million views, something I could never have imagined.Finally, let's not forget that we are fighting a spiritual battle and God is on our side. The sociopaths seem to have the upper hand, for just a bit longer. To not fight the battle would be to condemn the WW2 victims to their fate all over again.Thank you for your kind, heartwarming comments, donations, and above all, your prayers.

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... The secret animal studies

  • The animal studies were not long term studies. At most, they lasted 8 weeks, and come with some very problematic conclusions:

  • a. "No viral replication was detectable in the nose of any of the eight animals in the 100-μg dose group by day 2 after challenge"

  • Yet, the vaccinated are not promised immunity from COVID-19 infection.

  • b. "Vaccination of nonhuman primates with mRNA-1273 induced robust SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing activity, rapid protection in the upper and lower airways, and no pathologic changes in the lung."

  • Real world data with humans arrive at completely different conclusions.

  • c. "After SARS-CoV-2 infection, nonhuman primates have transient viral replication in the upper and lower airways and mild inflammation in the lung that resolves within 14 days. Thus, nonhuman primates are a useful animal model for assessing vaccine-mediated protection against early viral replication."

  • This corroborates with Fauci's assertions of the therapeutic nature of these shots in decreasing the severity of the illness - not inhibiting infection or contamination.

  • d. "In addition to the lung sections from these earlier time points, lung sections from animals that were killed at day 14 or 15 after challenge had no evidence of substantial inflammation, and neither viral RNA nor viral antigen was detected in any of the groups, including the control group. Vaccine-associated immunopathologic changes were not observed in any of the sections examined."

  • How many animals were killed? When in 2020 did the study take place?

  • It stands to reason that no animal study can be highlighted or broadcast with confidence when it is riddled with holes.

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The DoD keeps robust, accurate records, unlike the CDC & FDA that are beholden to Big Pharma. Read the Liberty Counsel summary and weep: